Eric WilsonOwner

    With a lifetime passion for sustainable energy, Eric Wilson shares the inside knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the solar world. Having worked for some of the largest solar companies in the US, he brings you seasoned expertise in energy systems design, federal and state tax incentives, and the best partners in installation that the industry has to offer.

    Eric’s love for our beautiful Pioneer Valley and all of the families, farms, homes, rivers, mountains, and forests here provide more than enough motivation to continue to serve the greater good through solar energy. Starting Insight Solar was a way to bring clarity and solutions to an industry that can otherwise be a tangled process, leaving too many customers with unanswered questions or incorrect assessments or feeling bamboozled.

    Being deeply frustrated by the unfairness of such events, Eric is committed to solving these issues and making Insight solar a positive (and accurate) experience for you, with outstanding results that far exceed industry standards.

    Together we can have a long-term positive effect on our planet earth while saving you your hard earned dollars and more importantly controlling your energy future!

    When not designing solar systems, Eric can be found hiking Mt. Skinner, enjoying a local coffee or IPA with best friends, or spending time with his family and 20-pound maine coon cat, Max.