Solar for Your Home

Solar power is working for families, communities and businesses all across Massachusetts.

Let us help put it to work for you.

Why Go Solar?

When you get solar panels for your house, you’re in a win-win-win situation. You save money in the short-term and in the long-term, plus you save the planet.

In the short-term, running your house on solar will significantly reduce your electric bill. If your usage is low enough, you may even accumulate a credit balance with your utility. This is thanks to net-metering – spinning your meter backward. When the sun is out, your system will feed excess power back into the grid, and the utility will credit you 100% for that extra.

In the long-term, your property value will go up. Solar panels are an asset that home-buyers look for. And those solar panels are not subject to property taxes.

And then there are the obvious benefits of reducing your impact on pollution, global warming, oil spills, international energy conflicts, and everything else affected by the fossil fuel economy.

Drastically Reduce orEven Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Go Green - Solar Is Cleaner Than Any Other Energy Source

Increase Your Home’s Value - Solar Is Not Subject To Property Tax!

But wait, there’s more!

When you figure in the federal tax credit of 26% for 2020, the $1,000 credit from the state, and the Commonwealth’s SMART cash payments for solar generation, going solar gets even better for you. Learn more about the financial aspect of solar!

Let us show you what solar energy can do for you.