Our Process

We strive to make the process of going solar easy by working with you in a consultative and collaborative manner. We allow you to make your own choices by providing solutions that enable you to control and secure your energy future for your family.

How We Work

To ensure that we can do this, we partner with banks and local credit unions as well as manufacturers and installers. We even partner with roofers and landscapers.

When doing a major construction project on your home (which is solar), things come up. Most solar installers will not address things such as an aging roof or structural issues. Some solar companies will allow these kinds of issues to derail your project. It’s just not in their interest to continue your project. Their needs come first.

The needs of our customer come first. You’ll never feel like the solution we propose just happens to be the only offer we have.

Additionally, we can mold our process to what works best for you. We can meet in  your home, do a full online consultation, or you can visit us in our Hatfield office; whatever works for you.

Let us show you what solar energy can do for you.