Thinking about “going solar?” Here are some benefits.

by eric_w

You hear so much about how solar energy is the most responsible and eco-friendly energy option available. You know it has something to do with decreasing our dependence on non-renewable energy. You’ve probably also heard that solar panels don’t seem to emit harmful chemicals to generate power. But is it true?


Solar energy benefits the earth and those around us in many ways, some of which are more apparent than others. Here are just a few of the environmental advantages that solar power provides:

1. Solar keeps the air clean. Not only is solar PV itself non-polluting, but once installed it decreases the reliance on other energy sources like coal and oil. It is a clean, renewable energy source that allows us collectively to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Solar is quiet. A lesser-known, but no less significant, environmental benefit of solar power is its silence. Unwanted sound can negatively impact health by causing hypertension, stress, hearing loss, tinnitus and sleep disturbances. Generators, fossil fuel power plants and even wind turbines all create some form of noise pollution. By using solar energy, we can once again hear the twitter of birdsong.

3. Solar conserves water. Unlike fossil fuels, which can use enormous amounts of water in power production, solar uses little if any. Fresh water is perhaps our most precious resource, and in times of drought, it becomes increasingly more important to be as proactive as possible in conserving what little we have. Additionally, locations where water is scarce are often places with plenty of sunshine, making solar the perfect energy source to co-exist with a desert environment.

These are just a few of the powerful benefits solar can provide, but we encourage you to learn more. With ever-advancing technology and the growing access to affordable solar options, the benefits of “going solar” become clearer every day.