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Solar electricity generation and net metering

Solar electricity generation and net metering


Energy Creation

The sun shines on the panels and activates molecules in the solar cell.  Connections to the cell capture the energy created by the movement of the molecules.  The newly created energy is in DC power.  Your house and the electrical grid are is run on AC.  Therefore the DC electricity passes through an inverter to convert it to AC.  It is then ready to be used by your house!

Net Metering

Energy is produced during the day when there is significant sunlight.  Your house will use the energy as needed in real time.  When there is excess energy that is produced, which happens regularly, it goes back to your main service panel and out to the grid.  It goes through your electrical meter, spinning it backwards which ensures that you get full credit for all of your electrical production that you can then use when the sun is not shining.


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